Comprehensive detailed analysis of numerous video parameters



Supporting most popular and in-demand video formats and 12 video quality metrics

Basic and full versions

Basic and full versions

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Command Line Interface for efficient laboratory routines

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StreamEye Basic

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Key Features

Analysis from stream structure down to macroblock/coding tree unit/superblock

Calculation of video quality metrics (PSNR, APSNR, SSIM, DELTA, MSE, MSAD, VQM, NQI, VMAF and VMAF phone; EPSNR, VIF)

AV1 support (AV1 version 1.0.0 с Errata 1)

Synchronization between applications of Elecard StreamEye Studio set (Binding mode)

Sharing comments between application instances and/or applications of Elecard StreamEye Studio set

Automation, batch execution via Command line interface

Saving analytical data available via StreamEye into a text file in CSV format with a few lines of commands

Side-by-side comparison of two or more video streams

Standard compliance verification

Display and saving of stream summary and picture information

Display of decoded, predicted, and unfiltered frame data (YUV or single component)

Display of residual, transform, and dequantized coefficients

Saving of decoded, predicted, unfiltered and residual information

Display of Macroblock (MPEG-1/2, AVC) / Coding Tree Unit (HEVC) / Super Block (VP9) data: location, slice index, tile index, sizes, coded, prediction, transform unit info

Navigation via chart bar

Navigation via thumbnails or area chart

Stream navigation and display in I, P, B, IP and Key Frames modes

Stream viewer – file content (header level) presentation in text mode

Hex viewer

Command line tool

Display of bitstream headers with offsets and bit size indication (as in the Standard documentation) for all standards

Visualization of slice and tile boundaries, partition, motion vectors, types, bit sizes, quantizers

Display of bit distribution inside video stream. Ability to choose bitstream elements to display

Display of reference frames

Display of Decoded Picture Buffer (DBP) information

Analysis and display of the Decoder Video Buffer parameters

Viewing of reference raw data

Visual comparison with reference raw data (Temperature, Subtraction, Compare, Block PSNR modes)

EPSNR calculation

Ability to analyze a manually selected part of stream

Possibility to choose output YUV data format when saving decoded information

Possibility to display stream summary for the specified frames range

Possibility to specify time period value for bit allocation and instant bitrate recalculation

Software and Hardware specifications

Supported video formats

  • MPEG 1/2 Video stream
  • AVC/H.264 Video stream
  • HEVC/H.265 Video stream
  • VP9 Video stream
  • AV1 Video stream
  • VVC Video stream

Supported media containers

  • MPEG-2 Transport Stream (MPEG-1/2, AVC, HEVC)
  • MPEG-2 Program Stream (MPEG-1/2, AVC, HEVC)
  • MP4 file container (MPEG-1/2, AVC, HEVC, VP9, AV1)
  • MKV file container (MPEG-1/2, AVC, HEVC, VP9, AV1)
  • WebM file container based on MKV (VP9, AV1)
  • AVI file container (MPEG-1/2, AVC, HEVC)
  • FLV file container (AVC, HEVC)
  • IVF file container (VP9, AV1)
  • MXF file container

System Requirements

  • Hardware requirements : 
  • •  4 GB RAM for video resolution below HD

    •  8 GB RAM for HD video (or higher)

    •  16 GB RAM for UHD video (or higher)

  • Software requirements: 
  • •  Windows® 7/8/10 (64-bit)

    •  Mac OS X 10.13 High Sierra and later

    •  Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04, 20.04 x64

    •  CentOS 7.6 x86_64

    •  Fedora 29

RAW formats


  • I422
  • IYUV
  • NV12
  • NV21
  • P444
  • RGB24
  • RGB32
  • UYVY (Y422, UYNV, HDYC)
  • V210
  • V400
  • V444
  • Y42B
  • YUY2 (YUNV, V422, YUYV)
  • YV12
  • YV16
  • YVYU



Follow this link to find the VVC video samples and estimate how StreamEye work with it.



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