Support programs

Elecard Support program is intended to provide each of our current and prospective customer with the expert assistance that ensures efficient use of Elecard playback and video analysis products.


(upon buying the product)


(upon buying the product)

Solved tasks

 Basic installation/activation assistance

  Consultations on the basic characteristics and features of the product

  Troubleshooting unexpected behavior for documented features

  Fast troubleshooting and fixing of any violations and unexpected behavior

  Consultations on the basic characteristics and features of the product

  Implementation of individual tasks and solutions based on Elecard products

  Consultations on technical questions, expert review of the projects and solutions


Timely and high-skill technical support from Elecard team professionals

  Prompt technical support – getting the answer from the technical support team within 1 business day

  Flexible opportunities for choosing the duration of this support plan (month, quarter, year, on occasion upon request)

  Free updates of the product up to the latest minor version*

*Available for OEM-clients and clients using server solutions

  Individual approach to the client’s task

  Personal expert for your project - a manager which is permanently assigned to assist and contribute to your project

  Unique expert knowledge of Elecard team


Order Elecard technical support


You may regularly extend the warranty of the bought product (Warranty extension). Within the period of warranty extension you will also get free timely updates of the product.

After purchasing any Elecard product you automatically receive Basic technical support which includes consultations on the basic installation/activation issues, supported formats and platforms, products usage in accordance with the documented functionality and troubleshooting unexpected behavior for documented features.

Assistance with advanced professional issues like adding specific features, functionality extension, expert consultations on technical questions, realization of individual tasks and solutions or help with the product interoperability are available for additional fee.

When you buy any Elecard product you may also additionally get one or several types of the technical support programs which are described below:

Professional – a technical support program which is a must-have when the speed of professional technical support is essential as well as the possibility to automatically receive the latest products updates.

Dedicated – a technical support program which provides you with a unique opportunity to use more than 30-year professional experience of Elecard developers in order to solve your personal tasks and optimize your technical solutions. You may take advantage of Elecard expert knowledge as a leading provider of decoders/encoders and other software tools for video quality monitoring and analysis, multimedia content preparation, transcoding and streaming servers.