Meet StreamEye Studio 2023 with extended statistics and MPEG-DASH MPD support

Meet StreamEye Studio 2023 with extended statistics and MPEG-DASH MPD support

March 23, 2023News

Unlock a value of the new Elecard StreamEye Studio 2023 offering extended statistics and MPEG-DASH MPD support which is essential for software developers and QA engineers, dealing with OTT using MPEG-DASH. A new update significantly simplifies the process of video analysis, delivers better user experience and saves your time. Now Elecard StreamEye offers a possibility to open all the video segments of a particular video representation without choosing all these segments manually.

Check a rundown of what’s included in this update of Elecard StreamEye application:

  • MPEG-DASH MPD files support;
  • VVC/H.266 decoder updated to version 18.1;
  • Support of 12-bit VVC/H.266 streams;
  • Extended ALF information in VVC/H.266;
  • AVS3 decoder updated to version 15.0;
  • Support AVS3 in TS is added;
  • Extended AV1 statistics;
  • Monochrome reference files support;
  • Update notifications in application are added;
  • Minor bugs fixed, general improvements.

Elecard StreamEye Studio is your perfect assistant for professional and detailed video quality analysis which is always on hand to maintain stable high quality of your video materials.

See the full list of changes in the new StreamEye Studio 2023


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