Check out new Boro 2.1

KPI statistics now available!

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May 12 1.00 PM EST time

Learn about best monitoring practices for your live event


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Elecard Codec Works 4.8

GPU encoding on NVIDIA graphics cards

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Converter Studio VOD 1.2 with cluster encoding and Linux support

Focus on developing your Video-on-Demand projects instead of wasting time converting files.

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StreamEye Studio 2021 with full VVC support

We implemented new tools, improved the user interface and the application performance. 

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Elecard Boro v 2.0 with MPEG-DASH support

Improved recording system, basic error statistics, and Akamai CDN support

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VVC support in Elecard StreamEye studio

Preview version is available upon request

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Realtime IPTV, OTT and DVB monitor, video quality analysers, live encoder and video converter, components and SDK for multimedia products development.

Elecard is a leading provider of components and software products for analysis, monitoring, encoding, decoding and streaming digital video and audio data.

Established itself as a key market player with MPEG-2 codec back in 2000, Elecard now shares its video compression maturity with application developers, broadcast, sport, medical, digital signage, surveillance industries offering software development kits, professional products, technical support and R&D services.  

News & Events

Elecard is heading to CABSAT 2022. Don’t miss the opportunity to listen to our experts and learn about Elecard’s key products!

April 27, 2022 Events

Elecard will hold the webinar on May 12, 2022 in cooperation with Diantis System House.

April 27, 2022 Events

Our Customers

We are proud to be bringing our multimedia technologies knowledge and expertise to more than 9K companies in the world.