Spring is here! And we would love to announce the release of CodecWorks 4.10

Spring is here! And we would love to announce the release of CodecWorks 4.10

April 11, 2024News

We are excited to announce the release of Elecard CodecWorks version 4.10, which brings a range of new features and improvements to our popular video transcoding software.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • We have added support for the latest version of Ubuntu (22.04), ensuring compatibility with the most popular distro.
  • Also, added support for broadcast streams over the ST 2110 protocol, expanding your options for streaming content.
  • We’ve updated and cleaned up the web-based documentation, it is now available online, making it easier to access and navigate.
  • Added a new Automatic Recording function: In case of issues with the source stream, CodecWorks will automatically record the input for later review. This feature is enabled on the "Thresholds" tab.
  • We've also expanded the system metrics! Now you can track: graphics core load, network interface load, and CPU core load via the web interface. Additionally, a page has been created to view system metrics for all servers in the network.
  • CodecWorks can now switch between the main and backup sources using the SMPTE 2022-7 standard.
  • We’ve also updated the interface for service table generation and CAS encryption.
  • As expected, stability has been enhanced through the integration of several new mechanisms.
  • The Scheme rebuild mechanism has been improved. Now, when the stream composition changes, the scheme is rebuilt. However, it can return to its original form when the original stream resumes.

Some sad news:
We have stopped the development of the DirectShow components. CodecWorks for Windows and Ubuntu now have a unified Gstreamer component base. The development of the CentOS version has also been discontinued.


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