Real-time monitoring of DVB feeds

Real-time monitoring of DVB feeds

December 9, 2021

Customer: Eurochannel

Eurochannel is the award-winning worldwide leading European cinema TV channel. Eurochannel is a one-of-a-kind network vast selection of modern entertainment from every corner of Europe takes viewers on a whirlwind journey of European culture.


Real-time monitoring of DVB feeds at the origination and reception points to ensure high quality and availability of the delivered streams at remote receiving servers.


Installation of Boro probes at the head-end to monitor 4 channels.


  • Improved quality of provided services thanks to 24/7 monitoring
  • Instant notification when an error occurs
  • Enhanced troubleshooting thanks to detailed statistics on monitored streams
  • Possibility to perform remote monitoring
  • Fast deployment and easy operation
  • Quick and easy generation of reports 


11 probes are installed at various points of stream transmission. The origination part has 8 Boro probes that monitor separate output streams of each playout. 2 probes are installed at the main and backup transmitter servers for monitoring multiple incoming streams, and 1 more probe is installed at the receiver point to monitor both input and output streams. Elecard Boro system is used daily by Eurochannel engineers to monitor QoS and QoE parameters and quickly react to video freezes.


"We chose Boro for the flexibility and ease of use. Elecard Boro is a light-weight functional service that is quick to install and setup. We especially appreciate TR 101 290 measurements, report generation, alarm functionality, and possibility to monitor remote receiving servers quality and availability of the delivered streams. Using logs as evidence and the DVB monitoring historic data retrieve help with troubleshooting. Measurements and graph views are very convenient. Sales and tech support effectively helped us with all our questions."

Alex Mihalev, CTO

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