What's new in Elecard Boro 2.1

What's new in Elecard Boro 2.1

May 18, 2022
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  • New KpiView. It is designed to display statistics of errors for all analyzed streams and to schedule recurring reports about the service quality;
    • The Health tab represents a real-time quality report on the following metrics: Losses, Service Availability, BadSource, Alarms firing statistics, Active Alarms. Statistics are displayed for the last 24 hours and for the last 15 minutes;
    • Service availability – is a new parameter the Boro system registers. It is calculated as a percentage ratio of error-free monitoring time to total monitoring time. The metrics are based on the SCTE 168-6 standard;
    • Availability graphs can be found on the tab KpiView ➝ Health. The mini-graph of availability trend represents changing of the service total availability for last 24 monitoring hours;
    • The Reports tab allows for scheduling recurring reports about the service quality. The report may include all parameters available on the Health tab;
    • Automatic uploading reports about the service quality to FTP/SFTP server (only for Boro Solution).
  • New BlockView. It is designed to compactly display all analyzed services. With the smallest scale possible, the view may display up to 1000 tasks on the screen with 1920x1080 resolution. Like MosaicView, it provides task consolidation. The mode of ranging blocks in accordance with errors severity level is available;
  • Support for the SRT protocol. The probe receives streams over SRT protocol in modes: Listener, Caller and Rendezvous. All modes support the one-time receiving of some streams. The encryption support is implemented;
    • Added the support of SRT stream recording in the MPEG-TS format;
    • Added new event Task has no subtasks for OTT and SRT protocols. It triggers when an SRT task contains only a Master task and does not contain any subtasks.
  • Graphs scaling on a task page. Available fixed scales: 3min(live), 30min, 3h, 8h, 2d and 4d. Metrics of Momentary loudness, Short-term loudness, Input bitrate, IAT and DF are measured as min/avg/max values on the scale. Switcher of scales and navigation panel are performed as a floating palette that helps to avoid extra page scrolling;
  • Checking for stream conformity to the TR101290 2nd and 3rd priority standard. Implemented triggers for each event and indicators on a task page with additional info when hovering the active error. For the PCR Repetition Error trigger, two thresholds are added for the user’s choice: 40 and 100 ms;
  • Parsing and display of the following TS stream tables: SDT, BAT and NIT;
  • Added possibility to exclude mediatypes and elementary stream PIDs from the registering the PID Errors, CC Errors and Timestamp Discontinuities. The user specifies the list in the decimal or hexadecimal format, separated by a comma;
  • Added new triggers: SCTE-35 Ad Insertions Are Missing fires when the probe during a specified period does not detect the start of an Ad insertion; SCTE-35 Tags Are Not Present in the Playlist fires when the probe does not detect SCTE-35 tags in a playlist during the specified period;
  • New trigger Segment duration exceeds TARGETDURATION fires when the segment duration exceeds the EXT-X-TARGETDURATION value declared in the Media playlist;
  • Display of max values for PCR accuracy and PCR Interval in the Info window in PSI table;
  • Display of presence EMM/ECM in PSI table;
  • Download content of the TableView view and PSI table (Info window) in the xls file;
  • Implemented automatic assignment of profiles. The association of profile – task type is configured by the user. When creating a task in Web interface, it will be automatically assigned to profiles of thresholds, notifications, and records depending on the protocol type;
  • Extended the Webhook notification content for OTT and SRT protocols. Added fields transmitting URI of a subtask and its description. Additionally, links to the Boro system are added: link to a parent task, link to a subtask analyzing the media representation, and link to a page with Webhook profile;
  • In the SNMP message, added the program name in which the error has occurred;
  • On thumbnails within the task page, time of their capture and PTS of the frames are overlaid. Apart from that, thumbnails are forcibly created when entering and exiting the ad insertion;
  • Now custom parameters of HTTP request can be sent in the HTTP header section or in the URL (Query String Parameter);
  • Added saving the HTTP headers when the probe cannot download one or the other object;
  • Improved the interface usability:
    • Selecting a default view that will open when entering a project;
    • Selecting a journal that will open by default on a task page;
    • Enhancing the events journal on a task page (for IPTV tasks). The key information is extracted for each event, however, the full JSON content still can be viewed. Each event can be copied, saved to a file, pretty formatted;
    • Added a program name when registering events in the Alarms journal;
    • Tooltips with ad insertion cues on the ad insertion graph;
    • Formatted output in the DASH manifest view window;
    • In Alarms journal, added combining active states records if they belong to the same stream and trigger type;
    • In the settings on a task page, unused graphs can be hidden;
    • All types of external notifications can be paused for a particular silence period;
    • Implemented uniform activation mechanism for profiles of external notifications and recording. Added indicators of profiles activity state;
    • Added possibility to select recipients that will receive notifications about projects balance. Previously, such notifications were sent only to the project owner.


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