List of Elecard Video Transform SDK components

List of Elecard Video Transform SDK components

April 19, 2018
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Elecard components delivered with with Elecard Video Transform SDK are based on Microsoft® DirectShow® architecture and are implemented as a DirectShow® filters. The components are supplied in a binary form only.

Elecard 2HD Video Scaler

High-quality video resizing from any resolution to HD 720p, 720i, 1080p and 1080i formats.

Elecard Color Space Converter 2Conversion between different formats of uncompressed video. The product is designed for video streams conversion in real time. The filter is used to connect filters when the connection cannot be established. It happens if the video format provided by the output pin of the upstream filter is incompatible with the format supported by the input pin of the downstream filter.
Elecard DeinterlaceConvertion of interlaced video into progressive scan format. The conversion is performed by using the edge-based line average algorithm (ELA) and the bicubic interpolation method.
Elecard Graph ViewerUtility for the presentation of graphs built by any application. In the edit mode it allows the filter graph building (filter adding, deleting and connection), control of the graph state (run, stop, pause) and positioning in the media stream.
Elecard Logo RendererRendering video overlaid with a preselected image. The image is put over each video frame. The filter overlays the image also using an alpha-channel.
Elecard Subtitle RendererThe software module for the subtitle displaying. The subtitles are read from the XML file. The Renderer is implemented as a DirectShow® filter and can be used by any DirectShow® application.
Elecard Video ScalerHigh-quality video resizing, aspect ratio changing and working with vertical blanking interval (VBI) information.
Elecard Audio Resambler*Changing of audio sample rate and bit depth (bits per sample).
Elecard Frame Rate Converter*Changing of video frame rate (fps - frames per second).

* This component is available only in Elecard Transform Filter Pack


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