Video Transform SDK

Base classes

Base Classes - a C++ class library that simplifies common tasks, appearing during development of multimedia applications, such as: DirectShow graphs building, filters and pins control etc. Base classes are used in SDK sample applications and are delivered in source form.

Sample Applications

Sample Applications

  1. Video Scaler Player &

    2 HD Video Scaler Player

    Demonstrates use and adjustment of the Elecard Video Scaler and 2HD Video Scaler filters. An embedded high-quality deinterlacer makes it possible to convert interlaced video to progressive video with the resolution up to 1080p. Filters support several image scaling methods and aspect ratio transformation.

  2. Deinterlacer

    Allows converting video to double frame rate, generating a separate output frame from every input field.
  3. Subtitle Player

    Demonstrates use and adjustment of the Elecard Subtitle Renderer filter. Represents basic player functionality (Start, Stop, Fast forward, Rewind, Positioning, etc) and visualizes subtitles stored in .XML file.

  4. Logo Player

    Overlays logo on video using the Elecard Logo Renderer filter. Represents basic player functionality (Start, Stop, Fast forward, Rewind, Positioning, etc). 


Note: Please be aware that sample applications comprised in Elecard Video Transform SDK use decoding and demultiplexing components registered in a system to build a filter graph. Such components are not included into SDK setup package and can be installed using any vendor software packages. For MPEG-2 and AVC video format support, we recommend installing Elecard Video Decoder Pack for SDK


The components are freeware and can be used for the commercial purposes. Supplied in a binary form only.

See full list of components

Software and Hardware specifications

Hardware Requirements

  • SSE-enhanced CPU
  • 128 MB RAM
  • Any VGA card

Software Requirements

  • Windows® 2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista/7
  • Microsoft® DirectShow® SDK (Microsoft Windows SDK version 7.1 is recommended)


Previous versions of the DirectShow SDK were included in the DirectX SDK. The last version of the DirectX SDK containing DirectShow was the DirectX 9.0 SDK Update - (February 2005) Extras. After this version, DirectShow was moved to the Windows SDK. To get the latest version of the DirectShow headers, libraries, and samples,  download the Windows SDK from Microsoft website.


Buy & Download

Video Transform SDK

Download Elecard Transform Filter Pack


The Software is licensed “as-is”, without any warranty, updates/upgrades or support obligations from Elecard.

Elecard Decoder Pack for SDK is a set of Elecard components intended to be used in sample applications of Elecard Video Transform SDK for MPEG-2 and AVC video streams decoding. It includes filters in demo mode, see the Evaluation EULA_Decoder Pack for SDK for the license details.

Elecard Video Transform SDK includes filters in demo mode.
For programmatic activation via specific GUID, please follow the instructions in clause 2.3. of the Reference Manual to Video Transform SDK.
For filters activation as a plugin via serial number, please download Elecard Transform Filter Pack including .exe file and SN.


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