Webinar "Real-world Cases: Best Practices to Monitor Quality of Live Streaming”

Webinar "Real-world Cases: Best Practices to Monitor Quality of Live Streaming”

December 15, 2020Events

Elecard and Network Broadcast invite you to join the webinar "Real-world Cases: Best Practices to Monitor Quality of Live Streaming”. The webinar will be in Spanish. 

December 16, 2020 at 12pm (Buenos Aires local time)

At the webinar, we will speak about our experience with large-scale projects with thousands of streams and hundreds of locations as well as small product deployments with unique combinations of features. We will be focusing on troubleshooting, stream quality control workflows, real-world use cases and success stories on dealing with video freezes, ad breaks stuttering,corrupted video streams and errors on different levels.


  • Key measurements of Quality of Service and Quality of Experience
  • Streaming workflows and quality assurance of OTT IPTV services 
  • Real-world use cases on how to prevent stuttering and freezing, playback issues, streaming instability, errors with insertion of regional ads, etc.
  • QA session with technical team


We are excited to share expertise with companies that not only provide high quality content but also care and control the smoothness of content delivery. We hope that the list of use cases illustrating common challenges operators and service providers can encounter will help facilitate your working process, improve troubleshooting system, and make your audience happier!



We will keep you posted about upcomming events  in English shortly.


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