Learn how to boost quality of OTT and IPTV streams at our webinar

Learn how to boost quality of OTT and IPTV streams at our webinar

November 18, 2019Events

Elecard and Network Broadcast have prepared the webinar "Tips to improve quality of OTT and IPTV content delivery".

November 26, 2019. 2pm GMT

Speaker: Diego Musach, CTO at Network Broadcast

It will be helpful for operators who know that it is important not only to create good content but also to control the quality of broadcasting. We will consider some common problems that operators encounter and show how the Boro monitoring solution helps to enhance the quality of content delivery.

Elecard Boro is a solution for UDP, RTP, HTTP and HLS streams monitoring and measurement of QoS and QoE parameters. Boro allows you to quickly find any stream quality violations, receive notifications about problems, and use monitoring statistics. You may add QoE and QoS modules into quality control routines or embed them directly into your own products.


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If you cannot attend our webinar on November 26, we encourage you to register anyway as we will send you video recording of the webinar later. The webinar is free.

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