Elecard is celebrating its 31st Birthday!

Elecard is celebrating its 31st Birthday!

April 22, 2019Events


We are extremely happy that our industry-proven products and solutions are still the inseparable part of cracking complicated and daunting challenges for many of our clients. Last year our specialists managed to help a wide range of operators and Telco companies (among them Telemedia, Balticom, "Ostankino Telecom", Ready TV, "Cosmos TV", etc.) accomplish such tasks as efficient transcoding of TV channels from MPEG-2 to AVC/H.264 video format, unification for all IPTV channels, monitoring and quality control of the streams with timely and fast errors detection, etc.

Elecard team participated in launching the first digital broadcast service in Jamaica based on DVB-С/DVB-T2 standards, providing the possibility to encode as many channels as possible with acceptable quality for required bandwidth. 

Our specialists managed to contribute in organizing world-scale events such as FIFA World Cup 2018. Elecard team took part in setting up live video streaming of football matches of FIFA World Cup 2018 within the stadiums with a minimum possible latency. This amazing experience gave us another opportunity to test the ability of our products and solutions meet high international standard requirements.

All these projects would be impossible to accomplish without our high-professional team which puts enormous efforts into development and constant improvement of our products and solutions every day.

And the most important thing to mention: at the day of our birthday we would like to thank all our clients who trusted us the development and launching of their projects. Every project and every task is very important and highly-valued for us and we are doing our best to drive truly exceptional and fruitful results which will keep you satisfied and happy. We highly appreciate your trust and cooperation, your support, feedback and suggestions. We wouldn’t be celebrating this day without you, thank you for staying with us!

Our team is always happy to meet you, discuss your projects and answer all your questions.

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