Launching DVB broadcasting service in Jamaica

Launching DVB broadcasting service in Jamaica

May 14, 2018

Customer: "ReadyTV"

"ReadyTV" is the first subscription-based digital broadcast TV operator in Jamaica, with the audience about 1.5 million subscribers. Company uses both wired and wireless technology to deliver multiple television and radio channels to their customers. The commercial launch of the project was in March 2017.


Launching the first digital broadcast service in Jamaica based on DVB-С/DVB-T2 standards. Encode as many channels as possible with acceptable quality for required bandwidth.


Implementation of a system for receiving media content from the satellite; high-density transcoding of 50 FullHD channels into AVC and HEVC with further broadcasting over UDP.


  • Broadcasting network covers 880 000 households in Jamaica
  • More than 200 channels
  • Saving energy and head-end floor space
  • Opportunity to quickly swith to HEVC standard
  • Possibility of ad insertion and adding local content
  • Redundancy modes ensure broadcast stability


A transcoding solution based on a powerful software transcoder Elecard CodecWorks with Intel XEON with QuickSynk technology support. Configuration of the encoding schemes using redundancy mode. High-density encoding on 2 servers (12 and 8 blades).

DVB broadcasting service in Jamaica


"We went to Elecard because it could offer us a unique service where everything is IP-based. Their CodecWorks codec gives us elasticity. When we pull a feed in from a particular transponder that has, perhaps, 10 or 15 services, but we only need six, we are able to input those as MPTS groom the services and output to Mux as SPTS. Elecard developers designed a system that is now a very important part of our integration. In fact, it gives us the best IP encoding system in the market."

David Casanova, ReadyTV CTIO and co-CEO


Key products

Professional platform for real-time encoding and transcoding into HEVC/H.265, AVC/H.264 and MPEG-2 video supporting adaptive bitrate streaming via HLS and MPEG-DASH protocols with the best possible quality. 

Windows and Linux support.

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