CodecWorks 990 comes to life – a perfect choice for live multiscreen HEVC/AVC video transcoding

CodecWorks 990 comes to life – a perfect choice for live multiscreen HEVC/AVC video transcoding

July 29, 2016News

The increasing IP video growth and swiftly growing number of receiving devices level up the requirements for multifunctional transcoding solution to meet the demands. Unfortunately, as common practice shows - its price rises ratably. However, Elecard prepared good news for you – a release of CodecWorks 990, a real-time video transcoder with outstanding performance minimizing your hardware requirements, supporting multiscreen encoding and OTT delivery features and ensuring easy and smooth setup into your working environment. For those who still hesitate – the final stroke comes as a very attractive and affordable price.

Elecard CodecWorks 990 – a professional IP-to-IP transcoding software supporting HEVC/AVC video up to 4K video, HLS adaptive streaming format and a selection of reliable tested hardware options targeting OTT, Video-over-CDN, Point-to-point video delivery and Hospitality solutions.

Powered by Intel 6th generation “Skylake” processor, CodecWorks 990 provides ambitious 6 HEVC HD1080 or 10 AVC HD1080 single streams per CPU. In case of adaptive bitrate transcoding - most demanded AVC HD720 video works smoothly at speed of 6 streams with 3 bitrates/resolutions per stream on a single CPU. Additional pre-processing capabilities include video de-interlacing, picture resize and aspect ratio change.

CodecWorks 990 setup and installation process has become intuitively understandable and clear. Moreover, for better convenience one may use pre-defined transcoding settings fitting most in-demand and popular tasks. For large-scale projects with hundreds of streams engaged in the process, CodecWorks 990 ensures centralized control over all the encoding servers with GUI app which simplifies it down to a few clicks. In case a failure occurs the transcoding process at the channel will be automatically restarted.

CodecWorks 990 software reliably works on a wide range of hardware equipment. However, using this link you may see four winning combinations of CodecWorks 990 running on particular hardware platforms carefully tested and proved to show advanced performance at the projects of different scale. Among them Intel NUC Mini PC model, HPE Moonshot, Kontron Symkloud and Supermicro SuperServer 1019S-M2.

The product’s name unlocks the secret about its price - CodecWorks 990 license for a single Windows OS instance comes at $990 USD. The number of input/output streams is unrestricted and gives you the chance to effectively use all your CPU power!

For more information on Elecard CodecWorks 990 please visit the landing page. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our Sales department.

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