Visual monitoring of cable TV channels

Visual monitoring of cable TV channels

March 3, 2024

Customer: Signal

Signal is a telecommunications operator in Zheleznogorsk, providing users with digital cable TV and high-speed home Internet.


Visual monitoring of cable TV channels with centralized management and immediate notifications about violations.


Installation of two licences of Elecard Multistream Player.


  • Improved quality of provided services thanks to real-time monitoring
  • Instant notifications when an error occurs
  • Faster error detection: average troubleshooting time reduced by 30 minutes


Two licences of Elecard Multistream Player are used to monitor 48 MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 input streams in SD/HD resolution.


"Before installing Elecard MultiStream Player, the troubleshooting took a long time, as the issues occur on different TV channels and we did not have any channel monitoring with immediate notifications of failures. The results of the implementation have met expectations: the response of the monitoring staff became very fast. Despite the big difference in time zones, engineers quickly helped us with individual settings of Elecard MultiStream Player".

Yury Loparev, Software Engineer

Key products

Mosaic view player designed for real time visual control of video streams quality and audio signal level.