Development of transcoding, video, and audio data modules for OTT platform

Development of transcoding, video, and audio data modules for OTT platform

April 16, 2020

Customer: Redlab Inc.

RedLab Inc. is a system integrator in South Korea. The company develops and supplies OTT and IPTV streaming solutions.


To complete the project of developing a turnkey OTT platform for one of their customers, RedLab needed 3 modules:

  • Module for transcoding 1080i60 H.264 streams into 1080p30 HEVC streams;
  • Module for producing thumbnails from Transport Streams;
  • Module for extracting audio metadata from Transport Streams.


Using CodecWorks for transcoding 1080i60 H.264 streams into 1080p30 HEVC streams.
Custom development of two products from scratch: ThumbSay for producing thumbnails and ThumbAudio for extracting audio metadata from Transport Streams.


  • Quick product development
  • All technical requirements are met
  • Prompt and professional remote support
  • Zero customer training required due to friendly intuitive interface
  • ThumbSay and ThumbAudio saved RedLab's development costs


The transcoding module is based on powerful software transcoder Elecard CodecWorks which was used for transcoding of 200 full HD live channels.

Two additional modules were developed by Elecard from scratch in accordance with end-user's technical requirements.

Elecard Boro Thumbsay is designed to generate thumbnails of transport streams. The thumbnails can be used to display a relevant image of a TV program that allows improving the service interactivity. For example, they can be used to build a program schedule (EPG) and to provide positioning while fast-forwarding/fast-rewinding for TimeShift and VoD services.

Elecard ThumbAudio allows extracting audio metadata transmitted in the transport stream via DSM-CC (ISO/IEC 13818-6 [5]). The extracted data contains audio program description including author, album name, album cover photo, lyrics, etc.

Redlab’s platform including Elecard CodecWorks, ThumbSay and ThumbAudio


"Elecard delivered CodecWorks, ThumbSay, and ThumbAudio on time with very acceptable pricing. All of the above products exceeded my customer’s expectation, especially I was impressed by their stability. Remote support by Elecard is always good.

Elecard has established itself as a reliable technology company long ago.  So I can easily recommend and offer Elecard products. Thanks to Elecard products, Redlab is very competitive player in Korea."

Shinhee Cho, Founder and CEO 


Key products

Professional platform for real-time encoding and transcoding into HEVC/H.265, AVC/H.264 and MPEG-2 video supporting adaptive bitrate streaming via HLS and MPEG-DASH protocols with the best possible quality. 

Windows and Linux support.

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IPTV Monitoring

Software solution for UDP, RTP, HTTP, HLS and DASH streams quality control and measurement of QoS and QoE parameters in all segments of distributed networks.  Live stream monitoring.