Cloud based monitoring and analysis of e-sports streaming

Cloud based monitoring and analysis of e-sports streaming

September 16, 2021

Customer: Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts Inc. is a global leader in digital interactive entertainment. EA develops and delivers games, content and online services for Internet-connected consoles, mobile devices and personal computers. It is the second-largest gaming company in the Americas and Europe by revenue and market capitalization after Activision Blizzard as of May 2020.


  • Real-time quality control of HLS and UDP streams during live production and broadcast to OTT platforms such as YouTube and Twitch to ensure the best quality of e-sports tournaments and events streaming.
  • Detailed analysis of MPEG-2, AVC and HEVC compressed media. 


Installation of Boro probes in various points of the video transmission path. Installation of StreamEye Studio for deep analysis of past streams.


  • Top quality live streaming of e-sports events on various OTT platforms
  • Enhanced troubleshooting thanks to possibility to correct problems before they become visible
  • Improved compression and decompression techniques and equipment operation
  • Simple deployment
  • Remote collaboration of the Broadcast Network Operations team
  • Elevated uptime percentage and improved viewership


Elecard Boro has been integrated directly into EA's live production environments. Boro probes were installed on cloud platforms after encoders to immediately monitor live streams being used in production within Virtual Private Clouds (VPC) around the world. Also, Boro probes were installed in partner CDNs to monitor content delivery and regional ad insertion. Elecard Boro is used to monitor 50 streams.

StreamEye is used to validate and ensure the highest quality of the video after each cycle of compression-decompression. It allows measuring the visual picture quality of the decoded frames and checking compression and decompression techniques and equipment. 30 engineers use Elecard solutions in their day-to-day operation.


"Elecard products are the most comprehensive solutions on the market for remote monitoring and analysis. Elecard Boro and StreamEye have played an integral part in our broadcasting success. Elecard’s products allow visibility across our virtual and remote live video streams, enabling us to make key decisions when there is no time to spare. Using Elecard solutions we can quickly evaluate the health, compliance, and integrity of a contribution or distribution live video stream from anywhere in the world. Elecard has given us invaluable points of reference used in live virtual production, and the ability to historically analyze errors that occurred in past streams to track trends and make better informed decisions in a live production environment. The flexibility and ease of use make Elecard products much faster to use and deliver results. Deployment has been incredibly simple to implement and replicate across the globe and the support is world-class. We will expand the current project to cover the entire globe."

Ben Bradshaw, Manager of Broadcast, Network Operations

Key products

Elecard StreamEye Studio is a set of powerful software tools for video quality analysis designed for professional use in video compression, processing, communication and streaming media industries


IPTV Monitoring

Software solution for UDP, RTP, HTTP, HLS, DASH, SRT and RTMP streams quality control and measurement of QoS and QoE parameters in all segments of distributed networks.  Live stream monitoring.