Boro enabled Crossings TV to meet Comcast's requirements

Boro enabled Crossings TV to meet Comcast's requirements

May 20, 2024

Customer: Crossings TV

Crossings TV is a US-based multicultural TV network that focuses on in-language programming for the Asian-American community.


Detecting and resolving the ETSI TR 101 290 (priority 3) errors in the program feeds delivered via SRT to Comcast for national distribution. It was critical to fix the issues as soon as possible to ensure the success of the launch. 


  • Validation of TS against ETSI TR 101 290 (priority 1, 2 and 3) to find and eliminate errors detected by Comcast's spectrum analyzers;
  • Identifying discrepancies between feed performance in the office and Comcast's analysis.


Initially, alternative analyzers were explored, but none provided the comprehensive TR 101 290 analysis required. Elecard Boro stood out for its in-depth analysis capabilities and helped comply with Comcast's requirements.


  • Swift setup under 30 minutes; 
  • Detailed measurements enabled the transport stream error resolution;
  • Identification and resolution of issues prior to detection by Comcast;
  • No additional hardware installation required;
  • Substantial time savings and enhanced operational efficiency.


After receiving Comcast's notification on errors in the feed, the analyzer was needed for seeing details of the SRT streams. The Boro probe was installed and added to the video delivery pipeline to monitor streams and make measurements, especially those important for resolving the errors detected at Comcast. 

Boro probe detected continuity errors, audio buffer overflow, and other errors, some of which were mission critical.

The Boro probe was strategically placed at the Sacramento headend to receive main IPTV feeds from AWS before handing off to Comcast.


"First impression was the level of detail Boro provided, and what's more, we received instant support from customer service, even as a trial customer.  There were things we did not understand and customer service not only helped us understand them, but also gave us some suggestions on how to fix them."

Lee Hudson​, Director of Operations

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