What’s new in Elecard CodecWorks v.4.9

What’s new in Elecard CodecWorks v.4.9

March 29, 2023
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In the new Elecard CodecWorks version we have the following improvements:​​


  • Added support for Ubuntu 20.04;
  • Added support for receiving a stream over the MPEG-DASH protocol;
  • Added support for insertion of EBP (encoder boundary points) for third-party packetizers;
  • Implemented possibility to encrypt transport streams (TS) using Simulcrypt due to integration with DRM CAS of the GSLabs company;
  • Implemented possibility to encrypt OTT streams using CENC due to integration with DRM of the GSLabs company;
  • Added support for multiplexing HBBTV system information;
  • Enhanced the web interface:
    • schemas with a redundant source now can be created;
    • added possibility to specify redundant servers;
    • added segregation of user rights and authentication;
  • Improved failover protection when organizing server redundancy due to adding server concurrent queries over several interfaces; 
  • The Linux version of CodecWorks now fully complies with the Windows version;
  • Added an algorithm that will automatically configure a redundant server in case of 1+1 server redundancy.


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