What's new in Elecard Video Quality Estimator v.4.0

What's new in Elecard Video Quality Estimator v.4.0

April 19, 2018
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parametersBetter codec development and testing experience:

     •    Work with 3 files simultaneously: two encoded and one raw.
     •    Compare streams by general parameters including stream type, profile, compatibility, chroma format, resolution.
     •    See bit allocation for stream elements.
     •    Enjoy automatic selection of the similar first frame in two streams for analysis synchronization.


     •    Customizable user interface with easily configured layouts which allows choosing information and statistics to be displayed.
     •    Console version for automation.
     •    Support of Windows and Mac OS.


graphicsMore options for visual representation of the calculated results:

     •    Build graphics based on quality metrics. Navigation & positioning enabled.
     •    Display frames sizes, bit allocation and quantizers on the graphics.


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