Multistream Player for server solution

Multistream Player for server solution

March 25, 2020
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The problem

Multistream Player can not correctly run on server platforms. It starts to succeed only through VMR7, and there are very few consoles (5-7). A further increase in the number of consoles leads to the fact that the graphic interface stops responding, although the processor load is very low.

The reason for this situation

Server platforms use very weak graphics adapters, the main task of which is to transmit a picture via IPMI (Supermicro), iLO (HP) and similar systems. Rendering live video for these boards is a very difficult task. And the VMR9 and EVR filters with such adapters usually do not work.


The most correct is not to use server platforms. Moreover, in multiprocessor systems, by definition, there is no QS. As one of the solutions, install a normal PCI-e x16 video card in the platform. And it is mandatory to connect the monitor to this adapter (so that it is activated).


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