Playing MPEG-2 files in Elecard MPEG Player and WMP

Playing MPEG-2 files in Elecard MPEG Player and WMP

April 19, 2018
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I have the registered version of elecard mpeg player (version 5, using windows XP). When I transfer tivo recordings to my PC, they show the flying elecard logo and a notice that the trial version of the MPEG2 decoder has expired. I have had several versions of the elecard player on my system in the past, so I wonder if this is part of an incomplete installation.


When you are installing the Elecard Mpeg Player 4.5 or higher there are only streaming components being registered in your DirectX environment. All the decoders remain 'hidden' from other players. So, the playback of media files with the Elecard Mpeg Player does not guarantee that the same functionality will be provided for other applications.

But when you use Elecard Mpeg2 Decoder&Streaming plug-in for WMP you get not the new player but only the components which will be registered (decoders as well) in your DirectX environment and can be used by other applications.

Such kind of distinction in managing of the DirectX components prevents the conflicts between different versions of files used in different Elecard applications. If you had your files played in other players before, that's mean you had old versions of Elecard products which was designed in different way.

So, if it is critical to enable third-party applications to work with files which you can open only with the Elecard Mpeg Player, then only the Elecard Mpeg2 Decoder&Streaming plug-in for WMP can enlarge the functionality of the Windows Media Player.

Follow the link below to get more information about the Elecard Mpeg2 Decoder&Streaming plug-in:



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