Video Format Analyzer

Video Format Analyzer

Handy tool designed for extraction and viewing of metadata contained in AVI, MP4 and MKV files.

  • Description

    Designed to extract and view the media files metadata, Elecard Video Format Analyzer makes it possible to get highly detailed information on the analyzed files, such as the length, size, actual creation date and other.

    Product highlights

    • Free and powerful tool for metadata extraction and viewing
    • Tree-type list visualization of metadata
    • Easy and convenient user interface


  • Features

    Key Features

    Metadata extraction and visualizing as a tree-type list that specifies size and offset for each metadata segment

    Header descriptions and values provided with the RIFF-AVI, BOX-MP4 and EBML-MKV data format

    Hexadecimal preview mode for file and its parts corresponding to the specified metadata segments

    Text representation and offset from the beginning of a file are shown in the preview pane

    Easy interruption of the parsing process at any given moment

  • Specification

    Supported media containers

    • AVI
    • MP4
    • MKV
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Video Format Analyzer

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