Software toolset that allows you to implement your own PC clients for IPTV, web services.

  • Description

    Elecard IPTV Player SRD includes an engine, Elecard codecs, sample application source code, and full documentation. Elecard IPTV ActiveX Player is not visual, which allows you to create your own graphical user interface, when you incorporate this control into your application or a web-service.

    IPTV Player Demo HTML page coming with the reference design, is a sample, which illustrates how to embed Elecard IPTV ActiveX Player in a HTML page and demonstrates its full functionality.


    • Elecard AAC Audio Decoder
    • Elecard AVC Video Decoder
    • Elecard Graph Viewer
    • Elecard InfTee Filter
    • Elecard IPTV AxPlayer
    • Elecard LATM Demultiplexer
    • Elecard MPEG Audio Decoder
    • Elecard MPEG Demultiplexer
    • Elecard MPEG Push demultiplexer
    • Elecard MPEG-2 Video Decoder HD
    • Elecard MPEG-4 Video Decoder
    • Elecard NWSource-Plus
    • Elecard RTSP Net Source
    • Elecard Sink Filter
  • Features

    Key Features

    Playback of local media files (start, stop, pause, fast-forward, fast-backward, positioning)

    Playback of media files from network: RTSP mode (including trickplay mode), UDP/RTP mode

    Full screen mode support

    Multimedia keys support (in Full screen mode)

    Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Volume adjustment

    E-608/E-708 Closed Captions support

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The product is available on an “AS-IS” basis. Please contact us if you have specific business needs.