Stream Inspector

Stream Inspector

Powerful software tool designed for real-time analysis of media streams in MPEG-2 TS/PS, MPEG-1 SS, MPEG-1 Video/Audio, MPEG-2 Video/Audio, MPEG-4 Video/Audio, AVC, AAC and LPCM formats.

  • Description

    Elecard Stream Inspector makes it possible to analyze streams received from the network or DVB-ASI boards as well as obtain streams from files stored on your local or network hard drive.

    Product highlights

    • E-PSNR Metrics Calculation makes it very easy to assess picture quality without the reference video sequence
    • Video File Analysis provides a way to analyze not only network streams but also files stored on your computer
    • Log Mailing will help the system administrator to examine error messages after they have been sent to the predefined email address


    • Data controlling and debugging for devices with MPEG-2 TS output, such as encoders and multiplexers
    • MPEG-2 Transport Stream accuracy monitoring at studios, head-end stations, etc.
    • Stream Inspector installation on laptops to create a truly portable MPEG-2 Transport Stream analyzer


  • Features

    Key Features

    Displaying detailed information on analyzed streams (program, PIDs, bitrate, frame rate, etc.)

    Displaying tables of analyzed transport streams

    Overhead calculation

    Displaying pie chart slices representing total bitrate distribution of elementary streams

    Transport stream error detection (ETSI TR 101 290) and analysis

    Interleaving analysis

    Analyzing streams received from network, DVB-ASI board or a file

    Calculating E-PSNR Metrics for AVC and MPEG-2 streams

    Saving received video streams to a file

    Playback of audio and video streams

  • Specification

    Supported media containers

    • MPEG-2 Program Stream
    • MPEG-2 Transport Stream
    • MPEG-1 System Stream

    Supported video codecs

    • MPEG-1
    • MPEG-2
    • MPEG-4
    • AVC/H.264
    • HEVC/H.265
    • VC-1

    Supported audio formats

    • MPEG-1
    • MPEG-2
    • Dolby Digital Audio
    • AAC
    • LPCM
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Stream Inspector

The product is available on an “AS-IS” basis. Please contact us if you have specific business needs.