Watch with your own eyes – a detailed visual comparison of AVC and HEVC encoding at Elecard booth at CSTB 2017

Watch with your own eyes – a detailed visual comparison of AVC and HEVC encoding at Elecard booth at CSTB 2017

January 24, 2017Events

Elecard invites you to visit a must-attend event for professionals in the sphere of TV and telecommunications – CSTB 2017, (CROCUS EXPO, Moscow, February 7-9) to discover what are sure to be the next most influential industry trends. Join us if you still have your head stuck in the sand when it comes to a fundamental choice: “What suits your project requirements better: AVC or HEVC?” The demonstration of our transcoding solution (booth P-23) will help you to get the answer and will give you other unique opportunities:

  • to get a detailed comparison of AVC and HEVC encoding process in a real-time mode at a large screen;
  • make sure that Elecard solution enables real-time transcoding with a minimum possible delay;
  • analyze the quality of the encoded video content using our high-recognized tools for monitoring and analysis - Elecard SenSay and Elecard StreamEye;
  • test and compare the possibilities of Elecard transcoding solution running on different hardware platforms provided by our partners – HPE, Trinity, NAG and choose the best option for your project.

Find out more about Elecard products, involved in our demonstration at CSTB 2017:

Elecard CodecWorks– a multifunctional real-time video encoder of HEVC/H.265, H.264/AVC and MPEG-2 video which ensures adaptive bitrate video streaming via HLS protocol and live encoding of 4K HEVC content with the playback at different receiving devices. CodecWorks demonstrates smooth and effective work at different hardware platforms.

Elecard SenSay - a comprehensive and robust video quality monitoring solution providing timely analyzing and troubleshooting of the most widespread violations such as clock continuity, bitrate, EPSNR, signal loss and video freeze in different networks including IPTV, DVB and OTT streaming.

Elecard StreamEye is essential for professional detailed analysis and makes it possible to navigate from general stream structure down to the deepest levels of compressed streams such as quantizers or individual bits in a macro block. StreamEye provides the support of MP4, MKV and VP9 formats and is available for MAC users.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our booth Р-23, Hall 4. Feel free to ask questions to our first-class professional developers, which will do their best to find a solution perfectly fitting your project requirements.

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