Meet our new Digital Signage product!

Meet our new Digital Signage product!

September 5, 2023News

The content playout on Digital Signage screens is a complex and time-consuming process; you need to configure and control the server and players, maintain the network connection, and keep an eye on the content itself. Elecard has developed a product that solves all the hassles of managing this system, allowing you to easily control the final result.

Elecard ViCont is a unique system for delivering targeted content to viewers. It allows you to centrally manage the content playout, collect statistics, and monitor the quality of delivery in real time. You can also optimize the flexible settings according to your project's needs.

Show live broadcasts or pre-made video files, customize the image with the help of advertising and information blocks, create playlists, and manage everything using a simple web interface.

Emergency playlists allow you to quickly notify visitors and customers of unforeseen situations or changes in the schedule.

Elecard ViCont can be used in any public places:

  • Transport
  • Hotels
  • Medical
  • Emergency warning system, etc.

Our system also allows you to visually monitor the condition of the image on the playout devices in real time and collect playback statistics.

With Elecard ViCont, you can focus on preparing high-quality content and not think about technical issues related to display management.

Email us, and we will be happy to arrange personal online demonstration of our new product for you and your team.

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