Take advantage of StreamEye key features in StreamEye Basic for 2499 USD

Take advantage of StreamEye key features in StreamEye Basic for 2499 USD

November 9, 2017News

Meeting the demand for a lighter version of our popular video quality analysis tool, Elecard now offers its new version of StreamEye 4.4 in two options: StreamEye and StreamEye Basic. We see StreamEye Basic as a must-have tool for QA, technical support and system integration teams, making advanced analyzing techniques more affordable and widely adopted. StreamEye Basic offers key features of StreamEye for effective video compression quality verification and does a great job in localizing inefficiencies in the encoded streams.

You can purchase new Elecard StreamEye Basic supporting MPEG-2, AVC, HEVC and VP9 formats right now for only $2499 USD via Elecard website.

In case you need extended and almost unrestricted possibilities for in-depth bitstream analysis and standard compliance verification with access to a larger pool of data – choose the full version of Elecard StreamEye.

See the detailed comparison of StreamEye and StreamEye Basic, its key features and possibilities.  


Version 4.4 of Elecard StreamEye provides more metrics for objective quality measurement and supports more raw formats. The new version enables detection of 200 new errors related to deviation from the standard for HEVC format. It also provides richer possibilities for convenient graphical representation of data powered by advanced customization of settings. We made the product more informative having added element description based on the corresponding standard in the headers panel.

The list of changes in the new version:

•    Interlace filter on visualization panel
•    Overlay panel in configuration parameters
•    Metric types: SSIM / VQM / Delta / MSAD / MSE
•    RAW formats: I444 / IYUV / P444 / RGB24 / RGB32 / UYVY / V210 / V400 / Y42B / YUY2 / NV12 / NV21
•    Header parameter values with indication of their compliance to the standards on Headers Panel
•    Activation mode: online and off-line, PC-based and dongle-based

Please see a full description of the recently implemented features in version 4.4 here.

A new StreamEye Studio v. 4.4 containing the updated versions of StreamEye, Stream Analyzer and Video Quality Estimator (including console versions) is also released.


Try Elecard StreamEye v.4.4

Try new Elecard StreamEye Basic

For a quick update of your current version of Elecard StreamEye and Elecard StreamEye Studio, please contact your account manager.
If you have any questions, please contact Elecard Sales Department.


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