Right-sized transcoding solution for breakthrough results

Right-sized transcoding solution for breakthrough results

August 25, 2016Press release

TOMSK, RUSSIA AUGUST 25, 2016 Elecard announced a cutting-edge transcoding solution based on a winning combination of Elecard renowned software — Elecard CodecWorks integrated with HPE Moonshot platform. Such combination resulted in advanced performance coupled with high density, reliability, flexibility in system modification and new features implementation.

Ever-increasing IP video growth together with rapidly changing and expanding range of playback devices bring competition among broadcasters and multi-service operators to a different level making them seek more effective opportunities to enhance performance. As a result, current trends make a blade server an inseparable part of any advanced transcoding solution. Elecard software perfectly meets the existing high media processing demands and requirements in terms of performance and quality.

The HPE ProLiant m710p Server Cartridge for HPE Moonshot stands out for its high-efficiency and performance at low energy consumption. Elecard CodecWorks — a software-based real-time video encoder is ideal for building ready-to-use transcoding solutions with market-leading quality. Powered by HPE Moonshot CodecWorks provides advanced performance and breakthrough streams/rack unit, saving costs as well as delivering a particular set of features increasing flexibility and functionality.

Elecard CodecWorks Software running on HPE Moonshot can deliver up to 540 simultaneous real-time video-on-demand transcodes or live HD feeds which means 126 HD Streams/rack unit — at an industry low of 3.6 W/stream [1]. Typically 1U servers with the same GPU provide 14 streams/rack unit performance which makes the transcoding solution from Elecard up to 9 times more effective compared to the density of a general compute server resulting in significant costs’ reducing [1]. In addition solution offers a rich feature set for enhanced flexibility which meets most demanding individual requirements. Low power consumption and reduced space requirements can help achieve breakthrough economics.

A solution based on Elecard CodecWorks integrated with HPE Moonshot is capable to perform an impressive variety of functions: transcoding, content distribution, record of streaming content, as well as real-time video quality monitoring and troubleshooting of the most widespread violations in different networks. Elecard can boast of supporting the most widespread and well-known codecs, streaming protocols, and containers as well as new up-coming technologies including adaptive streaming and in-demand formats and resolutions such as HEVC and 4K/8K. Media content can be received from various sources: live transports in case of real-time transcoding or from a data storage in case of offline transcoding. Adaptive bitrate streaming technology provides end-users with the best possible quality opportunities for watching media content at any chosen screen.

For detailed information regarding the joint solution please see Technical white paper.

About Elecard

Elecard provides software products for encoding, decoding, processing, receiving, and transmission of video and audio data in different formats (H.265/HEVC, H.264/AVC, MPEG-4, MPEG-2). The company offers a wide range of reference designs for professional digital TV broadcasting market, which includes streaming, transcoding, video-on-demand servers, professional software products, and software development kits (SDKs).


Yulia Sigida
E-mail: yulia.sigida@elecard.ru

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