New version of StreamEye Studio v. 4.6 is out

May 14, 2020News

The new version supports more formats and objective metrics. Brand-new Elecard Quality Gates has enriched the set of StreamEye Studio applications.


New features of StreamEye Studio products:

  • Extended RAW data format saving;
  • VIF metric added;
  • VVC support (VVC Test Model 8.0).

Additionally, there are new features in StreamEye and Stream Analyzer.


StreamEye 4.6:

  • AVC Compliance is added;
  • AV1 video format is supported in compliance with the new standard release (AV1 1.0.0 with Errata 1).
  • MXF file container is added;

Stream Analyzer 4.3:

  • Extended SCTE35 data parsing;
  • View EPG in a separate panel.

Video Quality Estimator 4.3:

  • MXF file container is added.

New Quality Gates:

  • Effective comparison of several video sequences encoded with various settings;
  • Subjective quality estimation for each file with graphical quality indication;
  • Handy tool to benchmark and ensure best quality available for the bandwidth.


See the detailed list of improvements for each application in What’s new in Elecard StreamEye Studio v. 4.6.

StreamEye Studio is a set of powerful software tools for video quality analysis designed for professional use in video compression, processing, communication and streaming media industries.


Evaluate Elecard StreamEye Studio v.4.6

If you have any questions, please, contact Elecard engineers.

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