Start the New Year with a new version of Elecard StreamEye Studio v.4.5

Start the New Year with a new version of Elecard StreamEye Studio v.4.5

January 11, 2019News

Elecard team starts the New Year with a major update of Elecard StreamEye Studio - a set of powerful professional software tools designed to meet an extensive range of video quality analysis needs in video compression, processing, communication and streaming media industries. A new version 4.5 of Elecard StreamEye Studio includes optimized and updated applications powered with a rich set of recently implemented features and possibilities.

All applications from StreamEye Studio product line now share such improvements as console version, availability for all most widespread platforms (Linux, Windows and MacOS) and a support of the most widely accepted and popular formats, containers and metrics including AV1, VP9, FLV and VMAF. 

Synchronization among applications will amend your approach to monitoring and deliver powerful capabilities for building solid team communications. The new version allows sharing comments between all application instances / applications of StreamEye Studio which significantly simplifies the communication processes and increases convenience.

See the detailed list of improvements for each application from Elecard StreamEye Studio product line in What’s new in Elecard StreamEye Studio v.4.5.

Leverage the benefits of Elecard StreamEye Studio v.4.5 to enhance your monitoring capabilities and drive up customers satisfaction levels!


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Latest news

Elecard StreamEye Studio tools now support AVS3 coding standard popular in China and South East Asian countries.

June 28, 2022News

Elecard became a member of Audio and Video Coding Standard Workgroup of China and AVS3 codec is now available in the upcoming release of StreamEye Studio.

May 31, 2022News