Meet Elecard’s new Converter Studio VOD - a top choice file-to-file converter for VOD applications

October 25, 2018News

Welcome to evaluate our new Converter Studio VoD that combines the quality and benefits of professional high-quality converting tool with user-friendly interface. It enables encoding and transcoding multimedia files into MPEG-2/AVC/HEVC video formats with up to 16K resolution, supporting adaptive streaming technologies over HLS/MPEG-DASH.

Expanding consumer demand for high-quality video content with almost infinite access to it makes fast and efficient encoding and transcoding a top-priority task. Elecard team managed to develop a product allowing VoD service providers to focus on shaping their projects instead of doing repetitive converting tasks. Elecard strived to wrap rock-solid reliability and high efficiency into a truly user-friendly intelligible interface to deliver smarter and more convenient customer experience. Pre-configurated transcoding schemes provide easy setup while web-interface helps to start the transcoding process within a few clicks. You may also save your time using Watch folder option enabling automatic encoding of new files that appear in a specific folder saving your time and increasing performance.

Converter Studio VOD makes it possible to encode large file arrays automatically providing continuous content delivery suitable for projects of any scale and complexity. It allows fast and easy preparation of the media content and minimizes the storage overhead.

Better performance is provided due to support of cluster encoding and hardware acceleration with Intel® Quick Sync technology. Cluster encoding enables easy integration of Elecard Converter Studio VOD into existing workflow and efficient management and control over several CS servers via API giving flexibility in management, control and distribution of tasks. This is essential for large-scale companies dealing with large amount of content.

Look through the main features and see which commercial and technical benefits it may offer:

  • Receiving files over HTTP and FTP
  • User-friendly GUI for creating transcoding schemes
  • Watch folder: automatic encoding of new files that appear in a specific folder
  • HLS and DASH protocols support
  • Encoding into AVC, HEVC, MPEG-2 formats
  • Hardware acceleration with Intel® Quick Sync technology
  • API for integration into existing workflow
  • Cluster encoding enabled
  • Pre-configurated transcoding schemes for easy setup


Evaluate new Elecard Converter Studio VOD


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