Linux version of CodecWorks v.4.6. supports Intel QuickSync Video Technology!

October 21, 2019News

Version 4.6 of Elecard CodecWorks for Linux  provides following new features:

  • Linux CentOS 7.5 support;
  • Support of Intel QuickSync Video transcoding formats (MPEG-2, AVC, HEVC);
  • Implementation of RPM installer with dependency auto-installation;
  • Nginx web-server installs automatically with CodecWorks and adds all necessary configuration files for OTT streaming and the web-interface;
  • Support of SoftLab Forward capture devices.


Evaluate Elecard CodecWorks v 4.6

Elecard presales engineers will be happy to lead you through CodecWorks evaluation, just drop us a line.

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December 20, 2019News

We are happy to announce a release of Elecard CodecWorks v4.6 providing new advanced features, improved reserving systems and optimized GUI.

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