Extended representation of HDR metadata in StreamEye Studio tools

Extended representation of HDR metadata in StreamEye Studio tools

November 11, 2021News

We regularly update our products, and we are happy to announce that Elecard StreamEye and Elecard Stream Analyzer now offer an extended representation of HDR metadata.

With StreamEye you can check parameters at the elementary stream level, while Stream Analyzer helps to verify parameters both at the elementary stream and the media container levels.

Also, we continue to implement VVC support for our analyzing tools. We have added support for the MP4 container. The MP4 container standard has not been finally released yet, so at the moment this feature is available as a preview. Later we will make regular updates as new versions of the standard appear.

StreamEye Studio products are essential for anyone who needs to maintain video quality: QA engineers, software and turnkey product vendors, codec developers, SoC architects, Telco operators, system integrators.

  • Elecard StreamEye allows analyzing the stream structure and down to macroblock/coding unit structure for inspection of codec parameters. 
  • Elecard StreamAnalyzer is a professional tool for syntax analysis of encoded media streams and troubleshooting in containers and transport streams. 
  • Video Quality Estimator — video quality measurement tool designed to compare quality of encoded streams based on objective metrics, such as PSNR, APSNR, SSIM, DELTA, MSE, MSAD, VQM, NQI, VMAF and VMAF phone.


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Recently, we have written a detailed article, where we consider the difference between SDR and HDR and examine the main HDR standards, their identification and validation for H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC, VP9, and AV1. This article is useful for QA engineers, application developers, OEM manufacturers, and SOC designers who want to implement or identify HDR content. Read the article “HDR in depth”.


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