Elecard StreamEye 4.3, now supporting VP9 with full functionality

Elecard StreamEye 4.3, now supporting VP9 with full functionality

April 14, 2016News

Elecard team is doing its best to create a product that meets all the customer’s most in-demand requirements and perfectly fits their project tasks. To make StreamEye a truly client-friendly application we do appreciate all the feedback and requests you may have for improving our product and enriching its feature set. For better convenience there is an easy way to add any your constructive suggestions now by using the Feedback toolbar button on or use the Help menu to submit an idea and let us know what other features or specific information you would like to take advantage of while using StreamEye next time.

Those determined clients who already sent us their comments and feedback may now enjoy new additional statistics related to different formats already implemented in StreamEye v.4.3.

The Statistics panel provides a quick summary of the specific data for the selected frame or the entire stream statistics, such as CU info, PU type intra/inter, TU info for HEVC bitstreams, MB info, prediction type intra/inter, transform info for AVC, MB info for MPEG-2 and block info, intra/inter modes for VP9.

Moreover, StreamEye now enables VP9 video codec analysis with full support of profile 0 (8bit 4:2:0), profile 1(8bit 4:2:2, 4:4:4), profile 2(10bit 4:2:0) and profile 3(10bit 4:2:2, 4:4:4), and provides a broader range of features to be seen:

  • Decoded Picture Buffer (DPB) information
  • Residual frame data
  • Transform type and quantizers
  • Residual, transform and dequantized coefficients

For HEVC-encoded bitstreams StreamEye 4.3 displays SAO parameters overlaid on frames in Video Out and Block Info panels. For AVC it enables analysis and display of the VBV buffer parameters.

Download the trial version of Elecard StreamEye 4.3. to check for yourself that the new version has been optimized to deliver greater opportunities to enhance the flexibility and performance of your solutions.

For more information on StreamEye 4.3 please visit the product page. You can easily upgrade your current Elecard StreamEye version up to v4.3 by contacting Elecard Sales department.

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