Elecard releases a new version of Multistream Player

Elecard releases a new version of Multistream Player

October 10, 2018News

Reap the benefits of a new version of Multistream Player – a mosaic view player designed for real-time visual control of video streams quality and audio signal level. To meet consumer demand for easy-to-use and convenient applications we refined our focus on delivering more comfortable user experience. Improvements in a new version increased usability and made our application more flexible and convenient.

Version 1.1 offers a possibility to get sound notifications in case errors occur. To provide access to a larger pool of data for users, stream information is now available and is displayed in a separate window, including audio and video codec information, resolution and audio bitrate. Moreover, the algorithm of working with audio signal has been changed – now users may easily deal with a big number of windows simultaneously without experiencing any audio signal issues.

We optimized components and filters and extended the list of supported tuners and capture boards. See what’s included in the current update:

  • DVB-C/T2 tuners: Behold TV T8, AverMedia AVerTV Nova T2, DigitalDevice DD CINE C2T2 V7, TBS 6205;
  • SDI/ASI capture boards SoftLab FD842, FD722, FD422;
  • SDI board MH4LM.

Evaluate new version 1.1 of Elecard Multistream Player


For more information, please, visit the product page of Elecard Multistream Player. If you have any questions, please, contact Elecard Sales Department.

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