Elecard organized a real-time broadcasting of Finswimming World Cup Golden Final 2016

September 8, 2016News

September 9th-12th  Tomsk is honored to host high-class  sportsmen from Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic and other countries taking part in Finswimming World Cup Golden Final 2016. Elecard Company is eager to prove Tomsk to be a trend-setting leader in the sphere of innovations and it is proud to provide everyone with a chance to witness the competition between world’s top athletes during the fascinating show.

Elecard arranged life broadcasting of the event delivered from 8 cameras disposed in different  spots of Water Sports Center “Zvezdniy” where the championship is going to take place, to Youtube channel in HD quality. Go ahead and watch every race as well as opening and awards ceremonies.

“The fact that Tomsk holds international competition of such a high rank ended up into a huge agiotage. Because of the enormous interest to the show, tickets were sold out immediately. That is why we decided to manage life broadcasting on our web site to please Tomsk citizens and fans from all over the world. Now everyone is able to enjoy World Elite performance.  We believe that it would rise an interest towards finswimming” -  Natalia Grechikhina, Tomsk Region Underwater Sport Federation President says.

Enjoy the competitions on the website of Tomsk Region Underwater Sport Federation.

For more technical information concerning live broadcasting, please contact us.

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