Make your next big move using Elecard DirectShow Codec SDK with Intel® Quick Sync support

27 June 2017News

With opportunities to access video content becoming almost infinite - viewers expect to enjoy easy and comfortable video playback within a few clicks even when it comes to Ultra HD content. Media industry faces a stiff challenge to make transcoding, streaming and playback really fast and extra powerful. Elecard is ready to assist you by implementing the in-demand support of Intel® Quick Sync video technology in our DirectShow Codec SDK 4.0

Explore the potential of our new version DirectShow Codec SDK v.4.0 and create multimedia applications with groundbreaking performance and responsiveness, which will speed up the process of video encoding, processing, conversion and playback due to Intel® Quick Sync hardware acceleration.

Browse through the list of our updated components:

Added components:

  • Elecard QS AVC Video Decoder
  • Elecard QS HEVC Video Decoder
  • Elecard QS MPEG-2 Video Decoder
  • Elecard QS AVC Video Encoder
  • Elecard QS HEVC Video Encoder
  • Elecard QS MPEG-2 Video Encoder
  • Elecard QS VPP

Updated components:

  • Elecard Sink Filter
  • Elecard MP4 Multiplexer
  • Elecard MP4 Demultiplexer
  • Elecard MPEG Demultiplexer
  • Elecard MPEG-2 Video Encoder

For getting more detailed technical information on changes in DirectShow Codec SDK 4.0 please use this link.

To download a new version of Elecard DirectShow Codec SDK 4.0 please click here or contact Elecard Sales department.

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