Elecard announces SenSay – a new cloud service for video quality monitoring

Elecard announces SenSay – a new cloud service for video quality monitoring

April 27, 2016News

Inspired by a large amount of positive feedback received from the users of Elecard SenSay product Elecard team focused their efforts on development of an easier and advanced way to test its multifunctional analyzing possibilities. Elecard SenSay is a comprehensive and robust real-time video quality monitoring service providing advanced opportunities for timely and fast analyzing and troubleshooting of the most widespread violations in different networks including IPTV, DVB and OTT streaming.

You may start using Elecard SenSay right away as it requires no complicated and time-consuming set up into your working environment and eliminates expenditures on hardware equipment and deployment. Flexible reconfigurable settings enable user to choose the number of analyzed streams as well as the number and location of analyzed key points in any network segment. Users may easily eхpand the set of used services as their monitoring requirements grow or change. To get started one should register on Elecard SenSay website, create a project and initiate the monitoring process using the received manual.

Elecard SenSay provides the opportunity to detect a wide range of critical issues such as clock continuity, bitrate, EPSNR, signal loss and video freeze which can be listed among the most widespread trouble calls. Detailed statistical reports on detected violations are produced automatically, then transferred and stored at SenSay server with the possibility to gain the aggregated information in easy to understand graphic form. One may gain an easy access to monitoring data via any chosen device including smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Elecard software developers are also carrying out research in the sphere of jitter measurement technology. Relatively soon SenSay service is expected to be enriched with the support of inter-arrival time (IAT) measurements for jitter analysis. 

Our clients may also buy SenSay as a standalone software solution sending a request to our Sales Department.

For more information please visit Elecard SenSay. For more information on Elecard please visit our website. If you have any questions feel free to contact our Sales Department.

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