Elecard announces release of a Linux version of CodecWorks Encoder

12 February 2018News

One of Elecard top priorities is to contribute to wider distribution of efficient transcoding and make it available for users of any platforms and operating systems. Elecard releases a long-waited Linux version of Elecard CodecWorks Encoder with the most popular and useful features of the live transcoder implemented on Linux platform.

Take a look at the main features of Elecard CodecWorks Encoder for Linux:

  • designed for efficient IP-to-IP transcoding (UDP/RTP/HLS);
  • CPU-based transcoding;
  • easily configurable redundancy modes implemented;
  • supported formats: MPEG-2 and AVC;
  • CW Linux version works on CentOS 7.2 – 7.4;
  • management of the encoding server via web-interface or from another PC using Windows or Linux OS.


Evaluate Elecard CodecWorks Encoder for Linux

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