Elecard announces a release of Codec SDK G4 3.2 and Codec .NET SDK G4 3.2 with VP8 and VP9 support

15 September 2016 News

When it comes to software development one of the Elecard top priorities is to ensure support of the most widespread formats together with the recently emerging but gaining high popularity up-to-date formats such as VP8 and VP9. These formats stand out for providing effective compression of HD-content for live streaming and its support is becoming a must for creation new-day applications. However, compliance to the bandwidth requirements is no less important and our recently added component Elecard HLS Sink is a perfect assistant for preparing media content to conform to HLS protocol.

Take advantage of the updated Codec SDK G4 3.2 and Codec .NET SDK G4 to design digital video transcoding applications standing out for its performance, scalability and flexibility.

Have a look at the list containing added and updated components to see how it can contribute to your projects and solutions:

The shortlist of the implemented changes:

Updated components:

  • Elecard AVC Video Decoder
  • Elecard MPEG-2 Video Decoder
  • Elecard AAC Audio Encoder
  • Elecard AAC Audio Decoder
  • Elecard MPEG Audio Encoder
  • Elecard MPEG Audio Decoder
  • Elecard MXF Demultiplexer
  • Elecard MXF Multiplexer
  • Elecard MKV Demultiplexer
  • Elecard MKV Multiplexer

Added components:

  • Elecard HLS Sink
  • Elecard VPX Video Decoder

Updated samples:

VPX Video Decoder is now included into all encoding samples, thus allowing to encode VP8/VP9 video content into the other formats. It is made the code refactoring for Console_Player sample. NWServer now supports MP4 container for broadcasting elementary streams and you can use NWPlayer for receiving of HLS streams.

Extend your opportunities to create up-to-date applications. Download our Codec SDK G4 v.3.2 and Codec .NET SDK G4 v.3.2

For more information on Elecard Codec SDK G4 and Elecard Codec .NET SDK G4 please visit the product pages. You can easily upgrade your current SDKs using your Member’s area account or contacting Elecard Sales department.

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