Elecard announces a release of a new version of Elecard MPEG Player with VP8/VP9 support

Elecard announces a release of a new version of Elecard MPEG Player with VP8/VP9 support

January 17, 2017News

Elecard welcomes you to test our new version of Elecard MPEG Player with enhanced flexibility and broader opportunities for playback of the media content provided by an extended number of supported formats. As VP8 and VP9 formats are constantly growing in importance and popularity - MPEG Player will help you to meet the challenges of the media environment and to enjoy more immersive virtual experiences with VP8 and VP9 support. MPEG Player makes your viewing experience not only impressive but also convenient due to HLS support which enables smooth video and audio playback of media content even at busy and congested networks.

Moreover, recently updated HEVC Video Decoder now provides the long-awaited opportunity to playback the interlaced streams. Take a look at the list of the implemented changes to see how it might be useful for you:

Added components

  • VPX Video Decoder

Updated components

  • Elecard MPEG-2 Video Decoder
  • Elecard AVC Video Decoder
  • Elecard AAC Audio Decoder
  • Elecard MPEG Audio Decoder
  • Elecard MXF Demultiplexer
  • Elecard MKV Demultiplexer
  • Elecard NW Source-Plus
  • Elecard MP4 Multiplexer
  • Elecard HEVC Video Decoder (playback of the interlaced streams)

For more information on Elecard MPEG Player v7.1 please visit the product page. You can easily upgrade your current MPEG player version up to v7.1 contacting Elecard Sales department

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