Configure your own monitoring system with new Elecard Probo SDK

Configure your own monitoring system with new Elecard Probo SDK

December 7, 2017News

Elecard announces a release of a new cross-platform SDK designed to build rock-solid monitoring systems, scale up QoS and QoE deployments and combine all required data in a single Fault Management System.

Being a software-based solution Probo SDK offers flexible tools and components which might be easily implemented to an existing monitoring system or used to build a completely independent custom-configured solution. Elecard team believes that QoS and QoE monitoring technologies will make the tricky process of quality analysis easier and ensure that advanced monitoring technologies will become available for companies of any size and focus.

Another vital point for using QoS and QoE monitoring is to maximize your customers satisfaction and ensure they are enjoying your video at stable highest possible level of quality.

See live demo of Elecard Probing technology

Take a look at Probo SDK key advantages to see how it can boost your project:

  • Advanced monitoring of Quality of Service and Quality of Experience parameters
  • Flexibility

You may install probes within your Fault management system or in separate segments of the distributed networks, at headend stations, within the video encoding, muxing, monitoring, video distribution and network products.

  • Custom-configured settings

You may specify the desired parameters to be analyzed and choose a convenient form for the data to be displayed.

  • Cost-efficiency

Probo SDK significantly reduces the amount of time for the development of a monitoring system and cuts expenses on recruitment of experts for video coding and multiplexing.

  • Convenience  

Probo SDK might be activated at any PC or server and can be used to develop mobile or embedded solutions.

Contact our Sales Department to find out how to leverage Probo SDK’s flexibility and configure a reliable monitoring system.

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