Analyze and build solid team communications with new Elecard Stream Analyzer

Analyze and build solid team communications with new Elecard Stream Analyzer

April 10, 2018News

Elecard welcomes you to test new version 4.1 of Stream Analyzer which now supports MKV and AVI formats and boasts a number of useful features to extend flexibility and streamline team communications.

Working on a new version we refined our focus on enhancing capabilities for analysis and testing and building solid communications. Our new useful features significantly fasten and simplify communication processes for software developers, QA engineers and technical support. A new version allows sharing comments for a selected part of stream between application instances or applications of StreamEye Studio. The next update will provide seamless access to comments regardless of your location - comments will be seen by any user of StreamEye Studio products remotely or locally.

Elecard Stream Analyzer 4.1 allows saving a required comment for any part of stream and sending it via e-mail as a file. It makes possible to easily share valuable information with your team members and mark specific parts of code for further careful investigation.

A new version makes you better equipped to test and evaluate video solutions. Use Master/Slave mode to compare similar packets/block of frames in the same position in different streams. It allows synchronization of the selected frame, block, packet position with similar frame and block, packet of a stream opened via another Stream Analyzer or StreamEye instance running in the system. Our short-term plans include synchronization between all applications of Elecard StreamEye Studio set.

Take a look at the recent changes, implemented in a new version:

  • AVI support;
  • MKV support;
  • Selection of the data portion for further saving;
  • Sharing comments between application instances and/or applications of Elecard StreamEye Studio set;
  • A possibility to save comments and send it via e-mail as a file;
  • Synchronization between applications of Elecard StreamEye Studio set (Master/Slave mode);
  • Linux support is coming soon.


Evaluate Elecard Stream Analyzer v.4.1

Contact Elecard Sales Department for any information.

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