A good tradition to hold up – Elecard offers presents to celebrate its birthday!

22 April 2016 Special offers

Time flies fast and as our company grows wiser and more experienced we do realize that good traditions are supposed to be cherished and hold up while good things are to be shared. As a competent mentor Elecard sees one of his goals in making valuable contribution to the promotion of energetic and ever-searching software professionals who might need a friendly hand.

In the heat of enthusiasm to increase the availability of the latest cutting-edge technologies Elecard team is happy to offer our clients any full version of Elecard Software Development Kits: Codec SDK G4Codec SDK G4 Linux,  Codec .NET SDK G4Native Codec SDK for free. SDKs are available upon download request which you may feel free to address to  sales@elecard.com within two weeks starting from April 22th till May 6th.

Getting wiser means getting more generous and as a proof of it Elecard also grants a 25% discount for those clients who buy Elecard MultiStream Player for 20 or more channels. For those who always look for more Elecard provides a 30% discount for MultiStream Player in case of purchasing CodecWorks for any number of channels to perform transcoding of the media content from AVC to MPEG-2 format. This offer is valid from April 22th till June 30th.

We do hope that our special offers might become a long-awaited missing piece in your puzzle for creation an advanced software solution or industry leading media processing tool. However, the most important thing you might get for free. Elecard would like to share with you our ever-increasing passion to develop innovations and face new challenges in order to create a better world - the trait which makes any wise and old person always young and bursting with inspiration.

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