Optimization of self-developed encoders

Optimization of self-developed encoders

February 22, 2024

Customer: Mango TV

Mango TV is an audiovisual interaction-focused media service platform with both internet and TV characteristics. Mango TV specializes in creating online videos and providing all of the content presented in TV channels and various products from Hunan Broadcasting System and Hunan Satellite TV. MangoTV has 280 million unique users across all platforms. It has been rated as one of the top 100 Internet enterprises in China and one of the top 500 world media companies for 4 consecutive years.


Evaluation of H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC, H.266/VVC, AV1 self-developed encoders to improve video transcoding quality and deep analysis of the video coming from problematic sources.


  • Support of the latest standards
  • Easy to use
  • Stable tool which occupy lower CPU resources


Installation of StreamEye and Stream Analyzer to perform deep analysis of streams and find violations.


  • Engineers’ work efficiency significantly improved: project done 1.5 months ahead of the plan 
  • Bitrate reduced by 3.8% preserving the same video quality
  • Significantly improved video loading performance
  • Considerable cost savings
  • Enhanced troubleshooting of defective video sources
  • Increased company profit


StreamEye and Stream Analyzer are mainly used to examine full bitrate distribution, macroblock QP and macroblock type distribution, prediction types and modes, as well as calculate PSNR, SSIM, NQI, VMAF obejctive metrics. StreamEye and Stream Analyzer are used to optimize the self-developed AVC/H264 and HEVC/H265 encoders, familiarize with the new video compression standards, and will be used to optimize AV1 and VVC/H266 encoders further on. 6 engineers use Elecard solutions on a regular basis. 


"Elecard StreamEye and Elecard Stream Analyzer are the world-renowned and industry-leading solutions. Elecard products significantly improved our work efficiency, allowing us to implement our video algorithm work results into the project faster. It had a positive effect on the company's profits.
With easy operation and detailed data, there is no doubt that it is a sharp tool for video codec development engineers. We thank the sales staff of your company for their warm and professional service for a long time. Choosing Elecard is definitely the right choice."

Zhun Luo, Mango TV Senior Audio and Video Engineer

Key products

Analysis of the stream structure and down to macroblock structure for inspection of codec parameters. Video quality test software.


Elecard Stream Analyzer is a professional tool for syntax analysis of encoded media streams and transport stream validation