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Difference b/w Elecard StreamEye Studio and Elecard StreamEye Studio Pro.
Дата обновления: Январь 23 2014
What's the difference between Elecard StreamEye Studio and Elecard StreamEye Studio Pro?

Elecard StreamEye Pro comes with advanced diagnostic functionality, new features and modules required for professional stream analysis. Listed below are the main advantages of Elecard StreamEye Pro as compared to the Elecard StreamEye standard edition.

  • All modules are synchronized to show every possible stream parameter and provide additional diagnostic information on video frames.
  • Raw Data module, which retrieves raw data from file and visualizes it, allowing comparative analysis of video alterations after encoding. It performs video data metric calculations, such as PSNR, and EPSNR, which is capable of estimating video quality without the source stream.
  • Buffer Analyzer, which builds and visualizes a VBV chart for the current stream, and YUV Viewer (Raw Data module), previously working as stand-alone applications, are now integrated as modules within the main program, speeding up the whole process of analysis and eliminating the need for running other applications.
  • Coefficients Info module that determines encoding criteria and efficiency of selected encoding algorithms, and can be used when writing a new encoder or testing prediction algorithms.
  • Elementary stream saving from PS, TS and MP4, which can be really helpful when analyzing large-sized media files that have several video streams, or if media containers have errors.
  • Feature of thumbnail preview that displays thumbnails on the navigation screen and simplifies positioning in the stream and scene change tracking.

We will continue supporting the basic edition of Elecard StreamEye in the future, providing program updates andl technical support. However, new features and modules will only be developed for Elecard StreamEye Pro edition. Any ideas and suggestions from our customers on what functionality and features should be implemented in the Pro edition are very welcome. Elecard StreamEye Studio users can purchase Elecard StreamEye Studio Pro with discount or upgrade to the Pro edition for difference in product prices. Please contact Elecard Sales Department for details.

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