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  • SCTE — The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers is an organization that develops training for cable television installers and engineers; in this role it is analogous to the Society of Broadcast Engineers for broadcast television. SCTE is also an ANSI-recognized standards-developing organization for the cable industry.
  • SDK — soft"war"e developm'ent kit.
  • SECAM — Systeme Sequentiel Couleurs a Memoire is television standard in Russia and France. SECAM delivers 625 lines at 50 half-frames per second.
  • Set-Top-Boxes — The term set-top-box describes a device that connects to a television and some external source of signal, and turns the signal into content then displayed on the screen.
  • SoC — System on a Chip.
  • Streaming — Data is streaming when it's moving quickly from one chunk of hardware to another and doesn't have to be all in one place for the destination device to do something with it.
  • Subpicture — Graphic bitmap overlays used in DVD-Video to create subtitles, captions, karaoke lyrics, menu highlighting effects, and so on.