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Use of Elecard components in other applications
Date updated: January 10 2006
I try to use Zoomplayer 4.51 and your last filter pack, Win XP. I can't enable Hardware Acceleration, it stays OFF

You can easily tune advanced features of Elecard components, such as hardware acceleration, deinterlace filtering etc when you utilize these components in Elecard-native end-user products.

If you utilize, say, Elecard MPEG-2 decoder in non-Elecard applications, you should install the Elecard Filter Configurator utility, which provides simple access to filter settings.

  • Download and unzip the pack, www.elecard.com\ftp\pub\directshow\FilterConfig.zip
  • Install the utility, select the filter you are interested in the "DirectShow Filter" box,
  • Select the application that utilizes the filter in the "Application" box,
  • Click the setting you'd like adjusted in the "Settings" box,
  • Select the value in the box available on the right "Valid values",
  • Final step: click the "Apply" button.
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