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Elecard StreamEye Studio is a new generation of Elecard StreamEye family significantly enriched to perform advanced analysis of video quality, troubleshooting problems in the encoded stream for further video compression optimization, and ensuring compliance to the video standards.
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"We are very delighted that Elecard’s response is very professional surpassing our practical expectation and making us more confident in future cooperation with Elecard in video analyzing solution."

George Lee (李佳)
Chief Architect, MediaOS
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


"...If you are in the video processing and video coding industry, then you should have this tool in your arsenal too. I'd call it a "swiss-army knife" tool for video coded file analysis...."

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Maxim Levkov


"...I have been developing a video decoder for Digital TV for several years... and it is impossible to follow up with variety issues without ES (Elementary Stream) Analyzer. Elecard StreamEye Studio was found to be best qualified for it...."

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Junghyun Son, Research engineer
LG Electronics


"...The Elecard StreamEye analyzer is a stable application at a reasonable price. I highly recommend it."

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Ophir Frish, Sr. SW Development engineer, Harmonic Inc

Elecard StreamEye Studio is a set of  powerful applications comprising Elecard StreamEye, Elecard YUV Viewer, Elecard Video QuEst, Elecard Stream Analyzer, and Command line tool for automatic analysis.

Verification of standard compliance, automated analysis and data dump are available in “Command line” tool which is part of StreamEye Studio 4.X.  Using XML configuration to set up input parameters, “Command line” tool provides an easy and flexible way to retrieve required specific information from the processed stream and save it as CVS-files.

Whether you are a multimedia application developer, codec writer, system engineer or QA team member, Elecard StreamEye Studio package is essential for you to perform an effective in-depth analysis of video sequences.

Read more how to use Elecard StreamEye for AVC/H.264 standard.

What’s new in StreamEye Studio v.4.x:

  • VP9 video format support
  • MP4 and MKV container formats support    
  • New major features:
    • HEVC field support;
    • Bar chart scale, DPB occupancy, mark for the key frame for the current frame;
    • New interaction with the frame control by mouse;
    • A new split view feature in a pixels window: side-by-side view of pixels values at different stages of decoding or with the reference;
    • An auto scale feature for block presenter window plus an ability to lock a selected block;
    • HEX viewer enhancements: select and copy to clipboard or store to file, navigation by offset, sequence highlight;
    • New color formats for the reference stream.